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The Preakness Reformed Church gathers every Sunday morning at 10 am to worship God.  In our Reformed tradition, our worship service is based on and centered around the Word of God. Our worship services are planned and organized around a specific concept so that our music, prayers, readings, and message all reflect that same theme.  During all of our worship services, you will be blessed with beautiful music, encouraging messages, and a friendly welcome.


We invite and welcome everyone to our Worship Services 

no matter where you are in your faith journey.

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When we worship...

10 am every Sunday

Please join us at the church

or via livestream!

Where we worship...

Most services are held in our church sanctuary, with liturgy and our choir, but we'll occasionally have special worship services in our beautiful Berdan Hall led by our worship band.  We are also blessed with an outdoor sanctuary, The Grove, located in the woods at the edge of our property, where we occasionally worship during the summer months.

Additional Information

PARKING:  You are welcome to park in the main lot on the side of the church or on the other side,

closer to the sanctuary doors.


ENTRANCES:  You may enter the sanctuary from the entrance at the large main parking lot or through the main sanctuary doors.


ACCESSIBILITY:  We have two ramped entrances to the sanctuary; one by the small parking lot

between the church and the cemetery, and another by the entrance in the large main parking lot.  We also have an accessible bathroom. 

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