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Welcome and How to Join!

Our church is a warm community that strives to be the hands and feet of Christ in the community of Wayne and beyond.  We gather for worship on Sunday mornings, we pray for and support one another, and we work together to love and serve our neighbors.


There are a few important things to consider before you make the decision to join PRC.  It begins with a visit with our church, or perhaps a one on one visit with me and other key members of our church who can give you insight to the parts of our church you may find appealing, it could be youth programs, music, outreach, spiritual guidance, or parish life.  It begins with you taking the first step. Give us a call, come visit, or just come join us on a Sunday morning for worship. We hope to show you that our congregation is warm and welcoming. We hope to show you that PRC is a place where you define the kind of relationship you want with God and that the others sitting next to and around you make you feel comfortable and at peace. .

When and if you want to consider joining we have a New Members class we ask you to participate in. It does not take a large time commitment but this is when we hope we can satisfy your spiritual needs, your questions, and that you find comfort in the arms of Christ. We hope you realize that this is where you belong and it is the beginning or restarting of a strong bond between you and Christ our Lord.

Pastor Eric 



What does it mean to be reformed?

To be reformed means to agree with the Christian beliefs outlined in the Apostles' Creed. It also means to understand that faith is communal, and that our relationship with God always includes responsibility toward other humans. We emphasize the law of God, not that people must follow rules to be good enough for God, but that the law is a gift from God to help us live together in human community. Likewise, reformed churches are traditionally strong on discipline, meaning that the community takes care of its members and encourages them to live together in a bond of mutual responsibility to the lordship of Christ in their common life.

The Reformers also have a unique understanding of vocation. Each person is called (vocatio) by God to serve both the church and the community in whatever role he or she plays. This concern for community does not stop at the doors of the church but reaches into all aspects of life.

Christ is its starting point of the reformed faith, and Christ is the goal toward which it moves. The very first fact brought to our attention in the Heidelberg Catechism is the fact that we belong to Christ. That becomes the touchstone for all that follows.

The Reformed Church of America