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RISE Mission Trip


The Risingville Intercommunity Service Effort (RISE) repairs homes for those whose living conditions are unsatisfactory and who cannot help themselves, due to physical and/or economic inability. The program is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and takes place in the southern tier of the Appalachian Mountains in New York State, using volunteer labor of church high school youth groups.

RISE was founded in 1980 by the late Reverend Dale H. Forsman through the efforts of adults and youth in the Chatham, New Jersey, United Methodist Church and Caryl and Noel Sylvester and the Risingville, New York, United Methodist Church. It is managed by a Board of Directors in New Jersey and New York, which works closely with the agencies and residents of Steuben County, New York.

The program has three goals:

• It is a mission program – we are attempting to be in mission to those we serve.

• It is a discipleship program – we are learning to act out our faith.

• It is educational – we learn so much about ourselves and how we can love our neighbors.


RISE is a work camp – a “hands-on” experience. Those who participate should be ready to work, to learn, and to be creative. Lack of experience should not deter applicants; however, persons with home repair skills are extremely valuable to the project. Work experiences will vary from group to group and from day to day.


Any youth group from any church denomination may apply. All students must have completed ninth grade and cannot be older than just having completed twelfth grade. College students should be encouraged to volunteer as RISE staff until they are old enough to return with their group as an adult leader. Adult leaders must be over 21 years of age to qualify. It is expected that group leaders will provide training for inexperienced group members.

RISE 2019:

This past summer there were five groups of kids and adults. In the photos below you'll see that while each team worked on different projects, we all had fun! 

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