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Finance Committee


People of Preakness believe that God calls us to be generous and rewards us for our generosity by letting us witness His work at Preakness Reformed Church.

The Finance Committee oversees the finances and stewardship of Preakness Reformed Church in accordance with the mission of the Church. We have a responsibility to the congregation that includes initiating a Consecrating Stewards Campaign to help members understand the call to be stewards and developing and monitoring a Church Budget. We are transparent and freely report monthly financial results to the congregation which includes putting together the September Church Annual Report that depicts the Church program activity and other activity and its financial results including a listing of the Church Assets.

In addition, the Finance Committee oversees that all investments are within the Church Investment guidelines and that investment results are closely monitored and properly accounted for. The Finance Committee works very closely with standing church committees in this regard and throughout the budget planning process, including the Church secretary/bookkeeper who greatly assists in accurately accounting for Church programs and other activities.

The Finance Committee consists of Ken De Berry, Chairperson, Bruce Hinners, Deacon, Lawrence Lee, Treasurer, Ken Tanis, and Bob Lefelar, who assist in decision making, bank relationships, controls and procedures and performing a review of the receipts and disbursements of the Church Programs and other activity.


Ken DeBerry 

Chairperson of Finance Committee