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Facilities Commission

The Church Sanctuary, a place of worship, is used for Sunday services, weddings and funerals.

Fellowship Hall is a space where Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Saturday art class gather together to join one another.

The Oxbow, located below Fellowship Hall, is used as a place of gathering for Sunday school children during worship services. This space also functions as a meeting room for local Boy Scouts.

The Nursery is used as a place for children under the age of three to go during Sunday Worship services. During the week, the Nursery is rented out to the nursery school, Ready, Set, Grow.

Nan’s Room is used as a meeting place for the church’s many groups including Brown Bags and Bibles.

The six classrooms in the church function as many different venues. During the week, two of the classrooms are used by the nursery school, Ready, Set, Grow. The classrooms also function as meeting places for groups such as AA, ACOA, Al-A-NON, Al-A-Teen. On Sundays, the classrooms are used for Sunday school during the hours of worship.

The Parlor is a place where church socials, coffee hour, consistory meetings and yoga classes take place.

Berdan Hall serves as a place for church functions where members and visitors come together and socialize with one another. The space is also used for dance school and Pines Lake Seniors.

The Basement Nursery School Rooms, located under Berdan Hall, are rented and used by the Ready, Set, Grow preschool program.

Other rooms within the facilities include the kitchen, apartment, offices, and library.